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Step by Step Guide on How To Dispute A Traffic Fine In Abu Dhabi in 2024

Contesting a traffic fine in Abu Dhabi can be necessary when you believe the fine is unjustified. Despite the UAE’s efficient traffic management system, occasional errors or miscommunications can occur. 

For example, I recently received a speeding fine, but the picture clearly showed a car that wasn’t mine. Additionally, the fine was issued on a Saturday night when I hadn’t even left my house. This experience led me to explore Abu Dhabi traffic fine dispute

In this guide, I’ll share the detailed steps I followed to contest my traffic fine in Abu Dhabi, including the appeal and objection processes.

You can read my guide to check Abu Dhabi traffic fine. Moreover, you can also check the list of traffic fines in Abu Dhabi.

How To Dispute A Traffic Fine In Abu Dhabi

How To Dispute Traffic Fine In Abu Dhabi?

Now, I am going to provide you with all necessary and easy methods to challenge a traffic fine in Abu Dhabi. You can follow any of the following methods.

Method 01: Disputing Traffic Fines in Abu Dhabi by Police Official App

You can challenge a traffic fine in Abu Dhabi by using the Abu Dhabi Police mobile app.

Open the Abu Dhabi Police app on your smartphone.

Click on the “More” button.

Now click on the “Submit New Complaint” button. 

Click on the “OK” button to make sure that you want to open a complaint portal.

Now the complaint portal will be open.

You can click on “English” if you want to change your language settings.

Now click on the “Objection to a traffic violation” button.

You will need to fill the form and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Choose Your Gender
  • ID Card Number
  • Violation Number
  • Painting Category
  • Color
  • Painting Source
  • Plate Number
  • Choose your City Name
  • Choose Preferred Time to Contact
  • Details of the Traffic Fine
  • Required Solution for the Fine
Objection to a traffic violation

Now you will need to upload the picture of the traffic fine violation.

Click on the box to accept terms and conditions.

Now click on the “Send” button. 

SMS recived from Ploice Objection to a traffic violation

You will receive a SMS from the traffic department that they received your objection complaint against the violation and you will be notified whether your complaint is accepted or rejected. 

Method 02: Raise Traffic Fine Dispute in Abu Dhabi By TAMM Website

You can also raise speeding fine dispute in Abu Dhabi by using the TAMM website. Follow the steps below:

  • Scroll down and click on the “Drive & Transport” button.
Drive & Transport' section. on TAMM Website
  • Now on the left side you will see “Fines & Violations”. Click on it.
  • Now click on the “Transport Violation Grievance” button.
Select Transport Violation Grievance
  • Choose the profile (self, company, or other profiles).
  • Specify the type of violation.
  • Select the reason for your grievance and provide detailed information.
  • Optionally, upload any justification documents to support your case.
  • Submit the application and receive a grievance application reference number.
  • Await the result of your grievance, which will be either accepted or rejected.

You can also use TAMM mobile app to appeal traffic fine in Abu Dhabi

Method 03: Vist Near Police Service Centers

To contest a traffic fine in Abu Dhabi, you can visit the nearest police service center. First, locate a police service center by visiting the Abu Dhabi Police Service Centers page. Once you have identified the closest center, visit it in person. 

At the center, explain the details of your traffic violation dispute to the officer. The officer will listen to your case, provide guidance on the necessary steps, and help resolve your issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to dispute traffic fines in Abu Dhabi?

To dispute traffic fines in Abu Dhabi, you have several options:
1: Abu Dhabi Police Mobile App:
Open the Abu Dhabi Police app on your smartphone.
Click on “More” and then “Submit New Complaint.”
Follow the prompts to fill in the necessary details and submit your objection.
2: TAMM Website:
Visit the TAMM website and sign in with UAE PASS.
Navigate to “Drive & Transport” and then “Fines & Violations.”
Click on “Transport Violation Grievance” and follow the steps to submit your grievance.

How can I appeal a traffic fine in Abu Dhabi?

To appeal a traffic fine in Abu Dhabi, you can use the following methods:
1: Abu Dhabi Police Mobile App:
Open the Abu Dhabi Police app and go to “More,” then “Submit New Complaint.”
Select “Objection to a traffic violation,” fill in the required details, and upload any supporting documents.
Submit your complaint and await the response from the traffic department.
2: TAMM Website:
Access the TAMM website, sign in with UAE PASS, and go to “Drive & Transport.”
Click on “Fines & Violations” and then “Transport Violation Grievance.”
Provide the necessary details, upload supporting documents, and submit your grievance.
You will receive a grievance application reference number and be notified of the result.

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