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Emirates ID Status Waiting for Residency Issue – Find Your Solution Here

Are you facing delays in getting your Emirates ID because of residency issues? One main reason could be an expired residency visa. This happens when you forget to renew your visa before it expires or face difficulties during the renewal process.

Another reason for residency issues is missing documents. If important documents like your passport, Emirates ID, or other required paperwork are incomplete or unavailable, it can cause significant delays.

Administrative errors are also a common cause of residency problems. These errors can occur due to incorrect information in your application or mistakes made by the authorities processing your application. Such errors can lead to unnecessary delays in getting your Emirates ID.

In this article, we’ll explore these common causes of residency issues and provide a step-by-step guide to resolving them.

You can check the status of Emirates ID.

Solution for Emirates ID Status Waiting for Residency Issue

Common Reasons for Emirates ID Status Waiting for Residency Issue 

Here are some common reasons that often lead to the “Waiting for Residency” issue on your Emirates ID application status:

Many applicants overlook the specific requirements for applying for an Emirates ID, which can result in objections to their application. It’s crucial to fulfill all the requirements as per the guidelines provided by ICP UAE.

Some applicants are unaware of the importance of providing clear and high-quality documents for their Emirates ID application. Submitting low-quality documents can lead to objections and delays in the processing of your application.

Failure to carefully read and follow the guidelines provided during the application process can also result in objections to your Emirates ID application. It’s essential to pay attention to all the available requirements and ensure that you meet them accurately.

In the UAE, you can pay your Emirates ID fees online through the ICP UAE website portal. However, some applicants forget to do so and opt for other payment methods, causing their applications to remain pending. Always make sure to pay all the required fees on time to avoid delays.

Providing inconsistent details compared to those on your visa or passport can lead to complications with your Emirates ID application. It’s crucial to ensure that all the information you provide matches exactly with your passport or visa details to avoid any issues.

How to Solve Emirates ID Status Waiting for Residency Issue? 

Following are the simple solutions for Emirates ID status waiting for residency issue:

Typing Centers

When you encounter an objection on your Emirates ID application, don’t fret! One effective way to resolve it is by visiting a typing center.

Typing centers are officially verified by the ICP UAE. They offer the same services available on the ICP UAE online website portals. So, if you’re facing an objection, simply head to the nearest typing center.

The staff at these centers deal with objections and provide similar services daily. They have ample experience in handling such issues and can assist you efficiently. Don’t hesitate to seek help from them to resolve your Emirates ID application objection. 

Online Website Portal ICP UAE

Resolving your issue with the ICP UAE is easier than you think! Just follow these simple steps:

  • Open ICP website.
  • On the main page of the ICP UAE website, you’ll see an option called “Talk with Hamad” located on the left side.
How to Solve Emirates ID Status Waiting for Residency Issue?

After you click on the “Hamad Service” option, a new chat window will appear on your screen. This chat window is a special chatbot designed to help resolve queries related to the Emirates ID application.

When the Hamad chat window opens, the first step is to choose the language you are most comfortable with. Then, you can type your query or issue regarding the Emirates ID. After you’ve written your query, simply click on the “Send” button or press Enter.

How to Solve Emirates ID Status Waiting for Residency Issue?

If Hamad needs to confirm your identity, you will be asked to provide identity verification proof such as your visa or passport. Once you have successfully provided your identity, Hamad will register your complaint in the system regarding your query. 

Within a few hours, your complaint will be resolved, and the objection on your Emirates ID application will be removed.


If you’re facing delays in obtaining your Emirates ID due to residency issues, you can take specific steps to resolve them promptly.

Firstly, ensure you’ve met all the requirements specified by ICP UAE for your Emirates ID application. Pay careful attention to detail and provide clear, high-quality documents to avoid objections and processing delays.

Should an objection arise, consider visiting a typing center verified by ICP UAE. These centers are well-equipped to handle such issues and can offer efficient assistance tailored to your needs.

Alternatively, you can seek assistance through the ICP UAE online website portal. Access the “Talk with Hamad” feature, articulate your concern, and provide any necessary identity verification documents if prompted. Your complaint will be logged and addressed within a few hours.

By following these specific solutions, you can effectively overcome the residency issues affecting your Emirates ID application status and expedite the process of obtaining your Emirates ID.

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