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What To Do If Your Emirates Id Card Printed Is Done But Not Received

One of my friends is working with me in the UAE. He checked his Emirates ID status, which showed “Card Printed is Done,” but it has been more than two weeks and he still hasn’t received his card. 

If you are facing the same problem, there is not need to word. Card printed is done Emirates ID meaning your card is ready for collection. I am providing you with an effective solution that I gave to my friend, which helped him receive his card. Read the complete guide in this article.

Emirates ID Card Printed Is Done But Not Received
Emirates ID Card Printed Is Done But Not Received

Simple Steps to Follow to Receive Your Card After Printed Status

If you are waiting to receive your Emirates ID card after seeing the status “Card Printed is Done,” please note that delivery may be delayed due to the high volume of production of the newly designed Emirates ID cards. If you have not yet received your card, please wait for an SMS from Emirates Post indicating that it is ready for collection.

To collect your UAE EID Card or for further assistance, follow these steps:

  • Dial the ICP Smart Services helpline number 600522222 on your phone.
  • Follow the options below:
  • Select “Emirates ID.”
  • Choose “Expats.”
  • Select “English” or your preferred language.
  • Wait to be transferred.
  • Opt to talk to an agent after the updates.

By following these steps, you can speak with an agent who can provide further assistance regarding the collection of your Emirates ID card.

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