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How Can You Check & Pay Abu Dhabi Bus Card Fine in 2024

Abu Dhabi has stringent regulations regarding the use of public transportation to ensure a smooth and orderly system. You have to pay Dh 100 to Dh 500 Abu Dhabi bus fine, if you violate public transportation rules. These fines must be paid within 30 days to avoid accruing interest and late payment fees. 

Failure to pay on time can also lead to the suspension of your Hafilat card. Common violations include:

  • Chewing gum
  • Smoking
  • Not showing your bus card or ticket

In this article, I will share with you a comprehensive detail on Abu Dhabi bus fines & how to pay bus fine in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Bus Card Fine Check Online & Payment

Bus Violations & Bus fine abu dhabi

The following table provides detailed information about various bus violations and their corresponding fines in Abu Dhabi.

ViolationDescriptionFine (AED)
FlammablesBringing items prone to catch fire, posing a safety risk.100
Sharp ObjectsCarrying sharp items due to potential harm.100
Civility and ConvenienceCausing discomfort to fellow passengers through uncivil behavior.500
Bus Fare PaymentFailure to pay for your bus fare.200
Hafilat Card SaleUnauthorized sale of the Hafilat card.500
Special Seat UsageSitting in designated seats for People of Determination without necessity.100
Eating, Chewing Gum, or DrinkingConsuming food, chewing gum, or drinking beverages on the bus.200
Smoking ProhibitionSmoking on the bus.200
Bicycle TransportationBringing a bicycle onto the bus without using designated bicycle spaces.200

Check the complete list of Fines in Abu Dhabi.

How to Pay a Bus Fine in Abu Dhabi?

The following methods can help you to check and pay Abu Dhabi bus fine. Moreover, if you are confused about where to pay bus fines in Abu Dhabi, this guide is for you. 

Method 01: Abu Dhabi Bus Fine Payment by Hafilat Website

Go to Hafilat website by clicking on the link:

You will need to login to your account by providing your registered email address and password. 

If you do not have any account before then click on the “Register Here” button and fill the pre-registration form.

Complete the Pre-registration Form:

  • Title: Select your title (e.g., Mr., Mrs., Ms.).
  • First Name: Enter your first name.
  • Surname (Last Name): Enter your last name. (Surname is required)
  • Birth Date: Provide your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Enter your Emirates ID number.
  • Upload a photo or take a new photo with your webcam.
  • Street Number: Enter your street number.
  • Address 1: Provide the first line of your address.
  • Address 2: Provide the second line of your address (optional).
  • Zip Code: Enter your postal code.
  • Town: Enter the name of your town.
  • Select your nationality from the list (e.g., United Arab Emirates).
  • First Phone Number: Provide your primary phone number.
  • Second Phone Number: Provide an alternative phone number (optional).
  • Email Address: Enter your email address.
  • Confirm Email Address: Re-enter your email address to confirm.
  • Password: Create a password (minimum 4 characters).
  • Confirm Password: Re-enter your password to confirm.
Complete the Pre-registration Form on Hafilat Website

Once all fields are filled, review the information for accuracy. Click the “Next” button to complete your registration.

Hafilat Website the Pre-registration Form

After login to your Hafilat account click on the “Pay Fine” button.

Now you need to enter “Fine Barcode” in the box and click on the “Submit” button. You can find the fine barcode number at the bottom of your fine receipt.

Fine Barcode fine Slip
Fine Barcode fine Slip have to enter on Hafilat Web

You will see the details of Abu Dhabi transport bus fines. Add your payment or card details and pay the fine.

Method 02: Check Abu Dhabi Bus Card Fines on the Official Website

To check your check Abu Dhabi bus fine, follow these steps on the official Abu Dhabi Traffic Police website:

  • Go to the Abu Dhabi Traffic Police website at
  • Click on the “Our Services” tab in the top menu.
  • Click on the “Fines Payment” box.
  • Select the “View Details” box under traffic fine payment.
  • Log in using your UAE Pass credentials. If you do not have a UAE Pass, click on “Sign-Up Now” to register a new account.
  • After signing in, choose the option for Emirates ID, enter your Emirates ID number, and click “Next”.
  • View the details of your traffic fines and proceed with payment.
Traffic Fine Inquiry through website in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Traffic Fine Farm via Website

Alternative Method: The above procedure can also be used to check and pay fines directly via the TAMM website and TAMM mobile app.

Method 03: Checking Abu Dhabi Bus Transport Fine by MOI Website

To check and pay a bus fine in Abu Dhabi using the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Access the Ministry of Interior website at
  • Scroll down the homepage and locate the section labeled “Payment of Traffic Fine”.
  • Click on the “Start Services” button.
  • Sign in using your UAE Pass credentials.
  • After successfully logging in, you will see a list of unpaid fines.
  • Click on “View All Fine” to check the details of your Abu Dhabi bus fines and proceed with payment.
Abu Dhabi Fine via MOI Website

Method 04: Pat Bus Fine by MOI App

To easily inquire about and pay your Abu Dhabi bus fines, you can use the Ministry of Interior (MOI) mobile app. Follow these steps:

  • Install the Ministry of Interior app from the Android App Store or Apple iOS App Store on your smartphone.
  • Launch the MOI mobile app on your device.
  • Sign in to the app using your UAE Pass credentials. Confirm the login action within the UAE Pass app.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the “Traffic Fines” section in the app interface.
  • Choose the option for Emirates ID, enter your Emirates ID number, and click on the “View Fines” button.
  • You will see the details of your bus fines, and you can proceed to pay the fines directly through the app.
Abu Dhabi Fine Check by MOI App

Read my detailed guide to check Emirates ID fine.

Method 05: Bus Fine Payment by Sahl kiosk Machines

Abu Dhabi Police has placed Sahl kiosk machines at various key locations across the city. Follow these steps to check your traffic fines using a Sahl kiosk:

  • Find the nearest Sahl kiosk machine by visiting this link or by going to busy areas in Abu Dhabi.
  • Insert your Emirates ID card into the Sahl kiosk machine.
  • On the kiosk screen, select the “Traffic Fines” option.
  • When prompted, enter your Emirates ID number.
  • Review the details of your Abi Dhabi traffic fines displayed on the Sahl kiosk screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay a bus ticket fine in Abu Dhabi?

You can pay a bus ticket fine in Abu Dhabi through the Hafilat website. Follow these steps:
Go to the Hafilat website: Hafilat Website.
Log in to your account using your registered email address and password.
If you do not have an account, click on the “Register Here” button and fill out the pre-registration form.
After logging in, click on the “Pay Fine” button.
Enter the “Fine Barcode” found at the bottom of your fine receipt.
Add your payment or card details and pay the fine.

What happens to Abu Dhabi bus fines if not paid?

If Abu Dhabi bus fines are not paid within 30 days, they will accrue interest and late payment fees. Additionally, your Hafilat card can be suspended, preventing you from using public transportation services.

What are the fines for violating school bus rules in Abu Dhabi?

Violations related to school buses in Abu Dhabi can result in significant fines. The specific amount depends on the nature of the violation. Common fines include penalties for not stopping when a school bus is picking up or dropping off children.

How can I deposit an Abu Dhabi bus service fine?

To deposit an Abu Dhabi bus service fine, log in to your Hafilat account on the Hafilat website and use the “Pay Fine” feature. Enter the fine barcode and complete the payment using your card details.

Can I travel without a Hafilat card?

No, traveling without a Hafilat card is against public transportation regulations in Abu Dhabi. Failure to present a valid bus card or ticket can result in a fine of Dh200.

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